CT Rose Society

5/13/18- New!-The June CRS Meeting will feature preparing for the rose show, presentation of Annual Awards and this will be our Annual Meeting. 

5/10/18- The CRS Rose Show will be held in mid-June at Elizabeth Park's Pond House. The Show Schedule, and an abbreviated Basic version (geared for Novice), are posted on this site in the Reference/Rose Show section.

5/2018- Time to start spraying for disease and aphids...   see the Monthly Advice 

5/1/18- The CRS Annual Summer Membership Picnic will be held at the Kummer's home in Newington on July 15th. 

4/9/2018- The May meeting at Pride's Corner will be a day early- on Saturday. And will start at 10 AM

3/27/2018- Here are some of the Yankee District events planned for the next couple of years:
    Sept. 7-9, 2018 - YD Fall Convention (AKA Lobster Fest)- Cape Cod 
    March 2019- YD Spring Convention- Cape Cod (Ocean Edge Hotel, Brewster, MA)
    March 2020- YD Spring Convention- Rhode Island

3/25/2018- The YD Spring Convemtion was held the past several days in Andover, MA. The New England Rose Society planned and executed a wonderful event. An Arrangement Workshop was conducted on the Friday before, and 45 attendees had a wonderful time learning that phase of our hobby.

3/8/2018- See the Calendar for info on Mike Fuss' Elizabeth Park Pruning Demo and Practice

3/9/2018- Remember to visit the Reference section for Monthly, item by item rose culture reminders and What to Do When for best results.  Come often!

For the other photos look under Past Events in the Events menu.

Question: what is your thought process for identifying rose diseases?  For the very experienced, perhaps it is second nature and no process is recognized.  For newer folk, there are descriptions in the CR Manual and other sources, but they are initiated by first naming the disease and Then telling symptoms. What is needed is the reverse approach. One way is quick picture. Another is a Decision Tree that starts with symptoms and then branches to other yes/no questions to continue branching to an answer. Anyone seen a Decisiion Tree for rose diseases?  Let DavCandler@aol.com know or respond on our Facebook page.