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This section will no longer be updated on THIS site.  Go to ctroseS.club for future meetings and events







Attention World, Attention World!  

The Connecticut Rose Society has a NEW Website.  

What is it, where is it and WHY should I go there???  

It is a completely overhaulled website from a visual standpoint. It retains many of the premium features of this, the Previous Website, such as Expert Help, References to many of the rose grower's most frequent questions, numerous references and linnks to Other key websites, and photos of New England gardens and roses!

Where is it, a completely new location as a foundation, but the website Link IS:
ctroses.club    Note the plural of rose in the Domain Name.  And go ahead, click on the above link and you will be magically transported there!

Why should you go there? Because you would like to be kept up to date so you can attend meetings and events New England rosarians look forward to, and so that you are not left out in the cold on where to meet, who is new, what to bring, how to order things that may be special, and see photos of merit from other gardens despite the off-season COLD!



If you haven't yet renewed your CRS membership, the dues window will be open. See Kathleen at the membership desk. Or you can send her your $25.00 renewal check to:

Kathleen Fabian , 279 Long Hill Rd.,  Andover, CT 06232.


2023 ARS Consulting Rosarian School Scheduled

The Virtual Consulting Rosarian School, conducted by the American Rose Society, will take place February 4 and 11.  A test date for Rosarian candidates will be after. To qualify, you must be an ARS member for 2 consecutive years.

The CR Committee has changed the format to two sessions. 

The Consulting Rosarian School is informative to all, even if you do not with to pursue the CR accreditation.  I would encourage more of out members to become CRs; it is a great way to share the knowledge and passion for growing roses.

For existing CRs, remember in order to be recertified you must complete four credits every four years, including the mandatory Chemical Safety course.

The required Chemical Safety portion of the school will take place on February 4.  

Also a reminder that some rose societies hold programs that earn credits.  If you attend a meeting that qualified for CR credit, please let your CR director know about it.  This is especially true if you attend a meeting outside the Yankee District.


Here is a link to the New CR Candidate Form

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